Deciding To Get Lessons


1. Shouldn't I wait to start lessons for my child or myself?


We recommend that you begin lessons as soon as possible after your child begins to crawl or for yourself if you:

  • Live close to the water 

  • Vacation around water 

  • Own a boat 

  • Have a pool or hot tub (or have relatives who do) 

  • Enjoy (or want to enjoy) swimming as an activity with your family

If toddlers and young children are taught to have fun before they are taught independence skills they are more prone to have an accident in the water. Skilled children, on the other hand, have fun AND respect for the water because they are able to handle themselves, especially if they escape supervision! 



2. How long will it take to learn to swim?


Learning to swim is like learning to ride a bike. On average our instructors are able to teach you or your child independence in the water in approximately 4-6 hours. However, every person is different! Some students learn quickly, while with others it may take a bit longer. Just like learning to balance on a bike, swimming is a motor skill and new swimmers must learn how to balance and propel themselves through the water AND hold their breath! Repetition in lessons and the ability to continue to practice is crucial to the new swimmer. We recommend that you stick with lessons until you/your child can be independent and happily swimming.



3. Does my child have to put his face in the water?


Yes, in order to learn to swim, your child must put his face and head in the water. Submersion can be hard for both you and your child if your child has never experienced it. However, our instructors are trained to make the first submersion experience as calm as possible while monitoring your child’s physical and emotional reactions. We will talk you and your child through the experience, and you will be amazed how quickly your child will move past the initial surprise of submersion. They will learn to hold their breath and open their eyes quickly!





Buying & Scheduling

Please do a search for availability before signing up or purchasing. We do not want you to be disappointed that the days and times you want are not available after you purchased lessons. We book-up 2-3 months in advance over the entire year. Planning ahead is the most successful way to start in our swimming programs.

2. How long do my lesson credits last?


All lesson credits expire eighteen months from purchase.



3. Why do I have to come two times per week?


All new baby & child students are required to attend lessons a minimum of two times a week because younger students need this frequent reinforcement of skills in order to learn. In fact, the more lessons your schedule allows, the better! Once children are skilled, most parents continue lessons once a week or as needed to keep new skills sharp. These maintenance and refresher lessons are very important to your child’s skill retention and ongoing development.



4. Why can’t I schedule my lessons more than three months out?


We have to coordinate with other programs at our pool. As a result, we can only plan 3 months ahead.



5. Why can’t I sign up my 3-year-old for a 30-minute class?


If your child has a lot of previous experience and you feel they can tolerate a longer lesson, please ask us to make an exception.



6. Why can’t I have the same time every week?


Schedules are first-come, first-serve. With a little advance planning, you can reserve the same time each week. It is important to book your times as soon as you see them or other clients may book your preferred times.



7. My friend wants her child to do semi-private lessons with my child. Can I schedule them together?


All children in semi-private lessons must have completed their initial startup package and be skilled in any depth of water. You must schedule the semi-private lesson separately in each child’s account.



8. How long should I wait to come back once my initial lesson package runs out?


Most parents want their children to (or adult students want to) remain on a maintenance schedule. You can schedule as much or as little as you like! Talk to your instructor about what is next for you or your child.



9. Can’t you just schedule for me? Why do I have to do it?


You know your schedule best. Our online scheduling program is fast, convenient and you are in complete control. If you need help, please email or call us.



10. How many lessons should I buy for a refresher course?


We recommend you buy at least two hours of lessons for every six months you or your child has been out of the water.





1. What are your cancellation and refund policies?


Time Before 1st Private, Semi-private Lesson in the purchased package

Lesson Type

Account Credit

(must cancel in your account)


(must email request)

At least 14 days

Private, Semi-private*



2-13 days

Private, Semi-Private*






Under 48 hours

Private, Semi-private*

None - "Late Cancel"***


NOTE: If the refund is for a New Lesson package, the enrollment fee is not refundable.


*If one student in a semi-private lesson cancels, the other student will be charged for a private lesson unless the other student or their parent gets a replacement booked at the same skill level.

** If you have more than 4 unexplained no-shows in a row, SwimGuru reserves the right to cancel all booked lessons and refund your purchase at 50% of the cost for those lessons. We will contact you before any action is taken.

***If canceled within 48-hours, the student has the option to reschedule up to 6 months for a make-up class. All make-up lessons are completed with Coach Carol. No more than 2 make-up lessons per year. Email Coach Carol for schedule times.





1. Why do you test kids in clothes?


We would like your child to experience swimming in their clothes in a safe environment with us and not as the result of an accidental fall into the water. Once they see they are able to swim and perform the necessary skills to handle themselves independently, they will hopefully not panic if the unthinkable occurs! Once this test is complete, older children are ready to move into swim or stroke school. Young children will remain in maintenance lessons until they are developmentally ready to move on to swim or stroke school.



2. How do we deal with behavior problems?


We expect all clients and students to behave well before, during, and after lessons. This means treating the instructors and staff with respect and courtesy. All SwimGuru employees are dedicated to helping you or your children learn to swim. In many cases, this can be a difficult process so patience is required as we work through the process. Any client or student not being respectful or courteous to any SwimGuru staff will be removed from the school and not allowed to return until demonstrated behavior change has occurred. A refund is possible within the refund policy requirements.




Don’t see your question here? Please email or call!



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