Before Lesson Day - Gear & Logistics

  • All non-potty trained children must wear a disposable diaper covered by a reusable swim diaper or plastic pants that have elastic on the legs and top. This double system of protection helps ensure accident containment.

  • We feel it's important to learn to swim both with and without goggles. But they are required only when students begin to learn competitive swim strokes.

  • You are not required to bring your child. However, whomever does should have a supportive, nurturing relationship with them. Please tell us their name.

  • If you need to cancel the lesson, be sure to do it online 24-hours before the lesson time. There are no refunds within 24-hours of the lesson time. 

On Lesson Day - Before Arrival

  • Students must not consume any food or drink for 90 minutes prior to swimming.

  • Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early. A child who is rushed into lessons will be anxious no matter how happy they are in the water. Give them plenty of time to get ready and observe other lessons before theirs begins.

  • Bring a towel, swimsuit and any other water-safe item that will make your child feel comfortable. While not required, we may also ask you to join your child in the water if we feel it will help them learn faster and if they need help transitioning from fear to fun! In addition, we would like to partner with you by teaching you to work with your child in the water once they are skilled.

Upon Arrival

  • All children must use the bathroom prior to their lessons and change in our locker rooms (please do not change your child on the pool deck!).

    IMPORTANT: All students of any age that defecate in the pool will be charged a sanitation fee of $200 per occurrence. Regulations require that if an accident occurs we must cancel the day’s remaining lessons to sanitize the pool.

    For liability reasons, we can’t allow you in the pool before your scheduled time, so please let us know if you want to take part of your scheduled time to be play or practice time.

During the Lesson

  • Your child may be hesitant or cry before getting in the water or when getting their face wet. Our highly trained instructors will help your child learn to overcome any of their hesitations. It is important to understand that these common emotional reactions are the result of your child not knowing what to do in the water versus being truly afraid of it. Your child will never be asked to do anything they do not know how to do or have not been shown. If your child has a history of refusing to get their face wet, we can help coach you and your child on how to overcome this hesitation. Just let us know you need help!

  • Be your child’s #1 cheerleader! A positive attitude will help your child become comfortable in the water faster. Most parents choose to sit poolside and observe. However, you are welcome to get in the water with your child. And we may ask you to join them if we feel it will expedite their progress.





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