• “After 8 weeks at a different school, my daughter developed a fear of the water. After 2 SwimGuru lessons she was swimming with her face in the water.”


    - Lori L., Caitlin 4 yrs.

  • “SwimGuru was more effective than any other private swimming instructor we tried in Seattle.”


    - Stephanie G., Malcolm 5 yrs., Oliver 3 yrs.

  • “We took lessons at community centers all over town, and he would scream. SwimGuru is a baby swim whisperer that's worth every penny and delivers fast results.”


    - Silpa S., Rithik 5 yrs., Iyla 21 mos.

  • “At almost 60 years old I thought swimming was never going to happen. Now I routinely swim over the deep end with no fear.”


    - Irv 60 yrs.


    “We tried other public lessons with little progress. All of their coaches are great with kids. Easy parking and locker room.”


    - Betty M., Elizabeth 4 yrs., Theo 2 yrs.

  • “Coach Carol is the best teacher! She dunked me under water and it changed my life! I love swimming!”


    - Mateo G. 8 yrs.

  • “The online scheduling, payments, automatic email reminders, and a nice email from a real person once in a while are convenient and human at the same time.”


    - Sophie S., Lucy G. 4 yrs.

  • “I had my son in a mommy-and-me swim class, and he cried and begged not to go in. Now there are times I beg him and my daughter to get out.”


    - Jane R., Zak 4 yrs., Gwendalynn 14 mos.

  • “Calming and encouraging during my kids' momentary freak-outs, SwimGuru knew exactly how to help develop their water skills."


    - Colleen S., Declan 2 yrs., Kaidin 5 yrs.

  • “Her friends use life jackets while Irene swims circles around them. Total peace of mind at the pool.”


    - Cheri G., Irene 17 mos.

  • “There is nothing like the assurance that comes from watching your children independently perform skills to save their lives.”


    - Melissa B., Isabel 3 yrs., Harris 18 mos.

  • “SwimGuru works diligently to build student confidence in survival skills before stroke development.”


    - Anita C., Alexa 3 yrs., Asher 7 yrs.

  • “Thank you Coaches Carol, Laura and Ann for giving Charlie a profound love of the water and a sport that clearly brings him so much joy.”


    - Lara C., Charlie 5 yrs.

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    Cinco SwimGuru Amigos






We provide private, semi-private and small group swim lessons to students in the greater Seattle area. Our students include babies (as young as when they begin to crawl!), toddlers and children (including special needs), adults, other swim instructors and lifeguards.




We can teach anybody to swim if they have the desire and commitment. And we succeed when other programs fail.


Our 1-on-1 Swim Lessons Are the Best Way to Start


We require that all new SwimGuru students complete a private lesson package before considering semi-private or group lessons. That's because private—not group—lessons are the most effective way to establish a foundation of basic swim and water safety skills.


Private Swimming Lessons Are a Wise Investment


Many students come to us after failing to accomplish their goals in greater Seattle Parks and Recreation, Athletic Club, YMCA or other swimming school group lessons. They quickly discover that SwimGuru is a greater value because we typically require fewer total lessons to achieve success.


Get Water Confidence & Swimming Skills for Life!


Our methods provide new or reluctant swimmers a foundation of critical basic independent swimming skills. We help our students get the confidence they need to begin to enjoy swimming and progress through more advanced stroke work throughout their lives.


Ten Reasons You'll Love SwimGuru


  1. Our instructors get over 100 hours of training. Others often get as little as 8!

  2. We're led by an industry expert and leading international aquatic training and water safety organization faculty member.

  3. Our instructors are mature adults, not kids.

  4. We know exactly what to do in any situation.

  5. We focus on—and adapt to—each student's unique needs.

  6. Our private indoor heated pool is calmer and quieter, making it a better learning environment.

  7. Our private, semi-private and smaller group lessons help students advance faster than conventional group lessons.

  8. We love to swim, teach and are passionate about water safety.

  9. All of us are CPR/AED and First Aid certified.

  10. We make swimming lessons fun!


Still Unsure? Visit Us to Observe the Difference!


Especially if you or your child is hesitant about swimming lessons, we feel it is important for you to stop by.


Please email us beforehand to confirm that we'll be teaching the kind of lesson you'll want to see!




Email Us! | 206-200-9449 | Pool Locations:
Underwater Sports (UWS), 10545 Aurora Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98133
Seattle Athletic Club Northgate (SAC), 333 NE 97th St, Seattle, WA 98115
La Quinta Inn and Suites (LAQ), 4300 Alderwood Mall Blvd, Lynnwood, WA 98036

LA Fitness (MLF), 13619 Mukilteo Speedway, Mukilteo, WA 98087


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