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  • Mother and Daughter

    “After 8 weeks at a different school, my daughter
    developed a fear of the water.  After 2 SwimGuru
    lessons she was swimming with her face in the water.”

     - Lori L., Caitlin 4 yrs.

  • Stephanie and Boys

    “SwimGuru was more effective than any other private
    swimming instructor we tried in Seattle.”

     - Stephanie G., Malcolm 5 yrs., Oliver 3 yrs.

  • Silpa and Siblings

    “We took lessons at community centers all over town,
    and he would scream. SwimGuru is a baby swim
    whisperer that's worth every penny and delivers fast

     - Silpa S., Rithik 5 yrs., Iyla 21 mos.

  • “At almost 60 years old I thought swimming was never going to happen.
    Now I routinely swim over the deep end with no fear.”

     - Irv 60 yrs.


    “We tried other public lessons with little progress.
    All of their coaches are great with kids. Easy parking
    and locker room.”

     - Betty M., Elizabeth 4 yrs., Theo 2 yrs.

  • Mateo

    “Coach Carol is the best teacher! She dunked me under
    water and it changed my life! I love swimming!”

     - Mateo G. 8 yrs.

  • “The online scheduling, payments, automatic email reminders, and a nice email
    from a real person once in a while are convenient and human at the same time.”

     - Sophie S., Lucy G. 4 yrs.

  • Jane and Kids

    “I had my son in a mommy-and-me swim class,
    and he cried and begged not to go in.
    Now there are times I beg him and my daughter
    to get out.”

     - Jane R., Zak 4 yrs., Gwendalynn 14 mos.

  • Declan and Instructor

    “Calming and encouraging during my kids' momentary
    freak-outs, SwimGuru knew exactly how to help develop
    their water skills."

     - Colleen S., Declan 2 yrs., Kaidin 5 yrs.

  • Irene 17 Mos.

    “Her friends use life jackets while Irene swims
    circles around them. Total peace of mind at the pool.”

     - Cheri G., Irene 17 mos.

  • Melissa and Kids

    “There is nothing like the assurance that comes from
    watching your children independently perform skills
    to save their lives.”

     - Melissa B., Isabel 3 yrs., Harris 18 mos.

  • Anita C

    “SwimGuru works diligently to build student confidence
    in survival skills before stroke development.”

     - Anita C., Alexa 3 yrs., Asher 7 yrs.

  • Charlie 5 Yrs.

    “Thank you Coaches Carol, Laura and Ann for giving
    Charlie a profound love of the water and a sport that
    clearly brings him so much joy.”

     - Lara C., Charlie 5 yrs.

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    Cinco SwimGuru amigos!




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